Yale University School of Art
1156 Chapel Street, POB 208339
New Haven, Connecticut, 06520-8339
(203) 432-2600
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The sculpture program offers students the opportunity to develop their work and to choose their own path, in concert with a broad array of different voices. The field of sculpture, at the moment, includes a collection of quite diverse methods; one set of tools is not privileged over another. Students work independently in individual studio spaces and have access to a woodworking shop, a metal shop, plaster facilities, a small computer lab, and some video equipment in the sculpture building in addition to further resources offered by the School of Art and the University at large. No metal-casting or ceramic facilities are available.

The main focus of this program is to facilitate the development of conversation and constructive critique among students and faculty. Our aim is to articulate student work vis-à-vis its own trajectory and in relation to art history and the current moment. This conversation is formally structured to take place one-on-one between students and faculty, in small groups, and within a more public larger group involving the whole sculpture department.

First-year students are required to take Art 949a, Critical Practice, offered in the fall term, and at least one sculpture elective. Students are encouraged to take courses in other departments within the School, and students are required to successfully complete two academic courses outside of the School of Art prior to graduation.

Approximately ten students are admitted each year.

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2012 1, 2

2011 1, 2

2010 1, 2

2009 1, 2

2008 1, 2, 3

2007 1, 2

2006 1, 2

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