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The Yale School of Art has made it a primary focus, and has made great strides, to cultivate a robust list of opportunities for artistic exploration for YSOA MFA students in between their first(or preliminary) and second year of study. These opportunities offer MFA students the opportunity to travel abroad and delve into new learning experiences during the summer between academic years. Additional opportunities for upcoming graduates help foster teaching experience and beyond graduation.

All residency & fellowship opportunities have been curated by the Yale School of Art or have a formal partnership with the Yale School of Art.

Residencies & Fellowships

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Similar to the Residencies & Fellowships above, these opportunities allow students to pursue additional avenues of artistic exploration beyond the opportunities provided during the nine-month academic year at the Yale School of Art. These opportunities, while potentially related to the Yale School of Art, do not have a formal relationship with the school.

Outside Residencies & Fellowships

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Prizes & Awards are awards generally given to students based on artistic excellence as determined by their department, the Dean, or through a juried selection. Recipients of Prizes are awarded cash prizes, given in check form at the end of the academic year. These funds are are the nearest representation of Merit awards and most often are awarded to students who are at the conclusion of their program of study.


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