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NOBODY IS PERMITTED TO WORK IN THE PRINTSHOP ALONE*** Cardinal rule. Graduate students who have been granted shop access can work w/o a monitor, but NEVER EVER, work alone. Additionally graduate students must not grant access to undergraduates during unmonitored hours.

Undergraduates-Are only granted access during a class in which they’re registered or when a monitor is on duty.

Only under the following conditions will all access (24/7) be granted to Graduate students:

Grads enrolled in a printmaking course.

Grads who have taken printmaking; who know well our shop/procedures/ safety.

Grads who have not enrolled at Yale, but have a great deal of experience in printmaking have to get an OK from Alexander Valentine.

Grads doing a special project w/Alex.

Grads that have taken the silkscreen workshop – This includes Graphic Design, Sculpture and photography as well as Yale Undergraduates.

No Access

Grads who do not meet at least one of these criteria will not be granted access to the printshop.


On Fridays the shop is accessible to FACULTY ONLY. No student access.


On Saturdays the shop is accessible ONLY to Graduate Students that have met one of the criteria above.

Additionally, the monitor schedule will be posted on the door of the printshop and sent out as soon as it is finalized.

Any questions, please feel free to email:

Alexander Valentine – alexander.valentine@yale.edu

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