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YALE NORFOLK ART DIVISION, ESTABLISHED IN 1948 is a program for young Undergraduate Art Majors nominated for admission by their respective schools. Students must be between their junior and senior undergraduate year. The Summer of 2018 commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art, and in 2019 the program will be under the new leadership of artists Byron Kim and Lisa Sigal. Students may apply only if nominated by a dean, program chair, designated faculty member or other academic official at their home institution. To be added to our school contacts list, please contact NorfolkArt@Yale.edu from your .edu email account.
Announcement by: Taryn Wolf
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NORFOLK 2017 Class Portrait by School of Art Photo MFA ’18 Dannielle Bowman.

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Philip Guston at Yale Norfolk


(….just a few….) , Mark Strand, William Bailey, Robert Reed (Norfolk ’60), Eva Hesse (Norfolk ’57), Sheila Hicks (Norfolk ’56), Nancy Graves (Norfolk ’59), Robert Mangold (Norfolk ’59), Chuck Close (Norfolk ’61), Brice Marden (Norfolk ’61), Vija Celmins (Norfolk ’61), David Navros (Norfolk ’61), Stephen Posen, Al Tayor (Norfolk ’69), Jane Irish (Norfolk ’76), Jenny Livingston (Norfolk ’83), Rebecca Miller (Norfolk ’83), Richard Phillips (Norfolk ’83), Jacqueline Winsor, Kathleen Moskal, Judy Pfaff (Norfolk ’70), Gary Panter (Norfolk ’71), Patricia Cronin, Anoka Faruqee (Norfolk ’93), Scott Reeder (Norfolk ’93), Jacqueline Humphries (Norfolk ’84), Sarah Sze (Norfolk ’90), Chie Fueki (Norfolk ’95), Josh Marsh (Norfolk ’94), Charlie White (Norfolk ’94), Sarah Oppenheimer (Norfolk ’94), Steve DiBenedetto (Norfolk ’79), Carl Ostendarp (Norfolk ’82), Marc Handelman (Norfolk ’97), Matt Hansel (Norfolk ’98) Mickelene Thomas (Norfolk ’99), Norm Paris (Norfolk ’99), Jackie Hoving (Norfolk ’99), Mira Dancy (Norfolk ’00) Sarah Lasley (Norfolk ’03), Josephine Halvorson (Norfolk ’02), Anna Betbeze (Norfolk ’02), Jane Corrigan, Mary Mattingly (Norfolk ’01), Loie Hollowell, Ahmed Alsoudani (Norfolk ’04), Eric Mack (Norfolk ’08), Troy Michie (Norfolk ’08), Eddie Peake (Norfolk ’05), Mieke Marple (Norfolk ’07), Aaron Fowler (Norfolk ’11), Caitlin Cherry (Norfolk ’09), Doron Langberg (Norfolk ’09), Coady Brown (Norfolk ’11) and 1786 others and counting!

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Yale Norfolk 2016


SPRING 2019 Yale Norfolk School of Art May 19-June 29 2019 The Yale Norfolk School of Art, established in 1948, is an intensive, six-week undergraduate summer residency program for 26 rising seniors. Following the celebration of our 70th anniversary this past summer, we are pleased to announce new leadership as well as a reconsidered pedagogical approach for this legendary residency program, beginning in 2019. >>> Each summer Yale Norfolk School of Art seeks to bring together a diverse group of students who have demonstrated excellence in art-making, critical thinking and community leadership within their academic programs, to participate in a rigorous environment of creative practice, learning and growth. The school is located on the picturesque Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate in Norfolk, Connecticut. In the spring, deans and/or program chairs serving at colleges, universities, and professional art schools across the country and abroad are invited to nominate candidates currently enrolled as juniors in their programs to apply for admission to Yale Norfolk. >>> Dean Marta Kuzma has appointed artists Byron Kim and Lisa Sigal as co-directors of the Yale Norfolk School of Art. They assume the directorship from Samuel Messer, who directed the program at Norfolk for twenty years. Students will follow an updated curriculum of Yale College art and design courses including Critical Studies; Advanced Image-making; Body, Space & Time; and Senior Studio, which will have modules focused in drawing, design and other disciplines. Students have individual studio space as well as access to digital printers, computers, traditional printmaking presses and silkscreen facilities. >>> The resident faculty for 2019 are Ayham Ghraowi, Martin Kersels, Byron Kim, Lisa Sigal and four teaching fellows who will be selected from recent graduates of Yale’s esteemed MFA program. In addition to the Norfolk Summer course schedule, students will investigate The Ethics of Color, the theme of the summer’s lecture series, with visiting scholars and artists who will engage the students in a wide range of topics. >>> Individuals may not apply directly to the program; rather, they must be nominated by a dean, program chair or other academic official at their home institution by the faculty nomination deadline of MARCH 1, 2019. The call for nominations, which outlines this process, will be sent to you at this email account by Wednesday, December 12th. The application materials deadline is MARCH 15, 2019 for students who have been put forth via a departmental nomination. >>> When nominating students, please keep in mind that although we are open to students who make work in any form. An important aspect to note when nominating is that our production facilities are limited on the estate, and we do not permit the use of power tools. Please also consider the social environment students will find themselves in as Norfolk, CT is a very small town. Students are housed in spare bedrooms in local family homes within walking distance to the estate. Students and faculty work closely in one large two story “Art Barn” where each will receive a small but adequate individual work space with access to a larger communal work area. The students have 24/7 access to their studio and no curfew time at their host family homes. We share three meals together in the cafeteria and maintain a strict no visitor or leaving town policy. Our admission process will look for students who will be good communal citizens and thrive in this somewhat insular working environment. >>> We look forward to another wonderful summer, and appreciate your worthy nominations. With thanks, Yale School of Art and faculty of Yale Norfolk Summer School
Announcement by: Taryn Wolf
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Mickalene Thomas 1999





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Tim Brawner drawing Didier William portrait

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