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****NORFOLK 2018 – 70 YEARS**** RESIDENT FACULTY // * Anna Betbeze * Kati Gegenheimer * Mark Thomas Gibson * Martin Kersels * Sam Messer VISITING ARTISTS // * Molly Zuckerman-Hartung * Mike Rader * Ayham Ghraowi * Anoka Faruqee * Josephine Halvorson * Garnette Cadogan * + ALUM VISITS CELEBRATING 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE PROGRAM +
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May 20–June 30, 2018

The art division offers a six-week session for academic credit as a special summer program. The School is located on the Stoeckel estate in Norfolk CT. and is supported by the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Trust.

Through the generosity of this trust, the full expenses of tuition, room, and board are covered by a fellowship grant to each student approved for admission. Selected colleges, universities, and professional art schools across the country and abroad are invited to nominate for these fellowships two candidates who are currently enrolled as juniors in their programs. There is an application fee of $25 and a registration fee of $1,500. You are responsible for the 1,500.00 registration fee, there is no additional scholarship.

Students in art follow a required program of painting, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture with optional workshops in Performance, Animation and Plein Air Painting.

Distinguished artists are on both the resident and the visiting faculty. The visiting faculty provide workshops, lectures, and individual criticism. The resident faculty for 2018 includes: Martin Kersels, Sam Messer, Anna Betbeze, Kati Gegenheimer and Mark Thomas Gibson. Visiting artists and lecturers will include: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Mike Rader, Ayham Ghraowi and Anoka Faruqee.

Information about the program may be obtained immediately from the schools that have been invited to participate. The application deadline this year is DECEMBER 18, 2017 at 11:59PM. Persons interested in being considered for nomination should so inform their department heads. Individuals may not apply directly to the Norfolk program.

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Please note that applications are only accepted from students in their junior year and will not be accepted unless they have been preceded by a nomination letter from the Department Chair of the applicant’s home institution or their designee. The nomination letter (which is separate from any reference letter) must be submitted on the school letterhead and received by November 15th, 2017.

Click here to apply online.

Select apply to Norfolk 2018 and be prepared to upload: 1. A brief statement about yourself and your work. One page maximum (do not include a separate artist’s statement). 2. The names and emails of two references. One of these should be from a studio instructor with whom you are currently studying and the other should be from a studio instructor with whom you have studied in the past two years. After you have entered their emails, click submit and they will receive a link to your application where they will be able to upload your reference directly into your application. 3. A student copy of your transcript. 4. 17 images. We look for a cohesive body of work, but we also understand and expect that a young artist should be searching, pushing and trying things. Therefore send 17 images that you feel good about. Do not submit works in different media just to prove that you have tried things, but only send images from different mediums if you are actually engaged in them and are interested in doing such as painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, digital photography, video etc. If you include video, they should be no longer than two minutes in length and grouped at the end of your portfolio submission. 5. A non-refundable application fee of $25.00. This may be paid with a credit card or PayPal. You will advance to the payment page after you have completed all the other components of your application and click SUBMIT. Only paid submitted applications will be considered by the admissions committee.

ONE HARD-COPY MUST BE MAILED: From the Nominator due 11/15/17: The nomination letter (which is separate from any reference letter) written on the school letterhead.

PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING MAILING ADDRESS: Sam Messer Director Yale Norfolk School of Art Art Division Yale Summer School of Music and Art 1156 Chapel Street, P.O. Box 208339 New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8339

*Material received after the application deadline will not be reviewed by the admissions committee.

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YALE NORFOLK ART DIVISION, ESTABLISHED IN 1948 is a program for young Undergraduate Art Majors nominated for admission by their respective schools. Students must be between their junior and senior undergraduate year. The Summer of 2018 will commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art.
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NORFOLK 2017 Class Portrait by School of Art Photo MFA ’18 Dannielle Bowman.

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Philip Guston at Yale Norfolk


(….just a few….) , Mark Strand, William Bailey, Robert Reed (Norfolk ’60), Eva Hesse (Norfolk ’57), Sheila Hicks (Norfolk ’56), Nancy Graves (Norfolk ’59), Robert Mangold (Norfolk ’59), Chuck Close (Norfolk ’61), Brice Marden (Norfolk ’61), Vija Celmins (Norfolk ’61), David Navros (Norfolk ’61), Stephen Posen, Al Tayor (Norfolk ’69), Jane Irish (Norfolk ’76), Jenny Livingston (Norfolk ’83), Rebecca Miller (Norfolk ’83), Richard Phillips (Norfolk ’83), Jacqueline Winsor, Kathleen Moskal, Judy Pfaff (Norfolk ’70), Gary Panter (Norfolk ’71), Patricia Cronin, Anoka Faruqee (Norfolk ’93), Scott Reeder (Norfolk ’93), Jacqueline Humphries (Norfolk ’84), Sarah Sze (Norfolk ’90), Chie Fueki (Norfolk ’95), Josh Marsh (Norfolk ’94), Charlie White (Norfolk ’94), Sarah Oppenheimer (Norfolk ’94), Steve DiBenedetto (Norfolk ’79), Carl Ostendarp (Norfolk ’82), Marc Handelman (Norfolk ’97), Matt Hansel (Norfolk ’98) Mickelene Thomas (Norfolk ’99), Norm Paris (Norfolk ’99), Jackie Hoving (Norfolk ’99), Mira Dancy (Norfolk ’00) Sarah Lasley (Norfolk ’03), Josephine Halvorson (Norfolk ’02), Anna Betbeze (Norfolk ’02), Jane Corrigan, Mary Mattingly (Norfolk ’01), Loie Hollowell, Ahmed Alsoudani (Norfolk ’04), Eric Mack (Norfolk ’08), Troy Michie (Norfolk ’08), Eddie Peake (Norfolk ’05), Mieke Marple (Norfolk ’07), Aaron Fowler (Norfolk ’11), Caitlin Cherry (Norfolk ’09), Doron Langberg (Norfolk ’09), Coady Brown (Norfolk ’11) and 1786 others and counting!

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Yale Norfolk 2016


SPRING 2017 I am excited to announce a change in the academic structure taking place this summer at Yale Norfolk. Sculpture with Martin Kersels will be replacing Photography as one of the four areas of study. Kersels will be working with the students weekly utilizing simple sculptural materials, and running part of the seminar on performance art. The other three areas of study remain: Painting, Drawing and Printmaking. We will also continue to maintain a printer for any student who wishes to continue to work with digital photography. Under my tenure as Director at Yale Norfolk, the structure of the program has been built upon a mixture of structured class time with equivalent unstructured studio time for students to develop the skills necessary to build their own individual self-motivated studio practices. For many, this is the first time they will enter their studios without assignments and have to confront the unknown: a studio practice of their own making. When nominating students, please keep in mind that although we remain primarily a painting program, we are open to students who make work in any form. An important aspect to note when nominating is that we do not permit the use of power tools. Additionally, when nominating students, please keep in mind the social environment students will find themselves in. Norfolk,CT, is a very small town. All students and faculty work closely in one large two story “Art Barn” where each will receive a small but adequate individual work space with access to a larger communal work area. The students have 24/7 access to their studio and no curfew time at their host family homes. Students are housed in spare bedrooms in local family homes within walking distance to the estate. We share three meals together in the cafeteria and maintain a strict no visitor or leaving town policy. Please nominate talented students who will be good communal citizens and thrive in this insular closed working environment. We look forward to another wonderful summer, and appreciate your worthy nominations. With thanks, Samuel Messer
Announcement by: Kathryn Joan Gegenheimer
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Mickalene Thomas 1999





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Tim Brawner drawing Didier William portrait

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