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Michel Auder, Artist

Born in Soissons, France, Mr. Auder was made to join the military at a young age as a photographer during the Algerian war. Returning to Paris, he started to make films and later joined a group of filmmakers during the protests of May 1968. Arriving in New York City the following year, he was the first to employ the video camera as his primary art-making device. Since then, his work has spanned a variety of styles and genres, all shot on video. He has exhibited widely in North America and Europe at such venues as Migros Museum, Zurich; Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago; Williams College Museum of Art; Anthology Film Archives; the Whitney Museum of American Art; Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö; Kunsthalle Wien; the Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva; and the Berlin, London, and Copenhagen film festivals. Mr. Auder taught in the sculpture department in 2006 and was appointed critic in 2009.
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