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Michael Roemer, Filmmaker

Mr. Roemer, born in Germany, received his B.A. in 1949 from Harvard University, where he wrote and directed the first feature film produced at an American college. He has since worked on films with Robert Young, and he produced, directed, and wrote a series of twelve films for the Ford Foundation. With a Guggenheim Fellowship, he wrote Stone My Heart. His film Nothing but a Man was shown at the London and New York film festivals and was a double prize winner at the Venice Film Festival. Other films include Pilgrim Farewell and Dying, the latter having been nominated by the Television Critics Circle as the best documentary film of 1976. His film Vengeance Is Mine premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1984. His 1970 film The Plot Against Harry was shown at the 1989 New York, Cannes, and Toronto film festivals and opened in theaters in 1990. He has published a book on plot, Telling Stories, and two volumes of his screenplays, Film Stories. Mr. Roemer has taught film theory and practice at Yale School of Drama and is currently professor (adjunct) of American studies and of film at Yale School of Art.

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