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Lynne Tillman, Writer

Lynne Tillman writes novels, short stories, and essays. Her novels include HAUNTED HOUSES; MOTION SICKNESS; CAST IN DOUBT; NO LEASE ON LIFE, Finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award (1998), AMERICAN GENIUS, A COMEDY (2006), and, recently, MEN AND APPARITIONS (2018). Her fiction collections are: ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART (1990); THE MADAME REALISM COMPLEX (1992); THIS IS NOT IT (2002); SOMEDAY THIS WILL BE FUNNY (2011), and THE COMPLETE MADAME REALISM AND OTHER STORIES (2016).

Tillman’s books of nonfiction and essays include: THE BROAD PICTURE (essays, 1997); THE VELVET YEARS: WARHOL’S FACTORY 1965-67, with Stephen Shore’s Factory photographs (1995), BOOKSTORE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JEANNETTE WATSON AND BOOKS & CO. (1998). And, Tillman’s second book of essays WHAT WOULD LYNNE TILLMAN DO? a Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism (2014).

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