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Laurel Schwulst, Graphic Designer

Ms. Schwulst received a B.F.A. in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. She lives in New York City where she works as a designer and programmer at the design practice Linked by Air. She is interested in the intersection of art, nature, and the internet. Her work has been exhibited online and internationally in London, Dublin, Düsseldorf, and Monterrey. Ms. Schwulst was appointed lecturer in graphic design at Yale in 2012.

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1) Printed Matter website, 2) YAMP website (see also), 3) Fish screensaver, 4) Future Expansion, 5) Julia Kim Smith, 6) Website for “Bug” app, 7) When all of my friends are on at once, 8) William N. Copley. 1–6 designed at Linked by Air, 7–8 designed at Beautiful Company.