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Ken Lovell, Lecturer

Mr. Lovell received his BFA in printmaking from Indiana University in 1986 and his MFA from Yale University in Painting in 1992. Despite getting a taste of programming in the early eighties (Fortran and punch cards) he became fascinated with the possibilities that computers presented to art-making. A job repairing computers at Yale ITS, combined with experience making and teaching Art, led to his being the first person hired for Yale’s Digital Media Center for the Arts. Ken has been the Technical Director of that facility since 1998 where he maintains the hardware and software for all things Graphics related. He teaches students, staff and faculty how to move images into and out of the computer and how to manipulate the data on the digital journey between those two analog states. His time is gladly apportioned between his family, friends, job, studio and marathon training.

The DMCA is a facility that serves all of the Arts area disciplines at the University including Art, Architecture, Drama, Music, Film Studies and Art History. The Center is unique among University media centers in that it is a facility dedicated to teaching the practice of making art with computers and professional level periphery. The DMCA is a home for students seeking to explore technology amidst a supportive community of artists.

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