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1st year portfolio

My current work focuses on politics of perception. I have been focusing on how ideology and class affects and abstracts what people see and what they are unable to see due to cognitive blindness. To explore this I have used drawing, printmaking, and language. With printmaking I have explored its role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. With drawing I have been interested in using line as a means to generate value built up by the resistance of the mediums, ball point pen, pencil and marker against the substrate of wood pulp paper. The denser the body of lines, the more value the bodies I draw have. Additionally with my drawings I have been exploring augmentation through employing mathematical equations, which allows me to treat my drawings as prints. With Language I have been interested in defining and redefining terms, which speak to the world from my specific subject position. I use language to reframe cultural objects, places and politics to create critical images.

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