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The Digital Technology Office is managed by Sarah Stevens-Morling and Anahita Vossoughi, supporting Digital Labs throughout the School of Art. The Digital Labs consist of Macintosh®-based facilities for undergraduates and graduate students from all areas of study. Each department has its own computer lab for graduate work. For general classroom use there is an All School computer lab that includes scanners and printers.

All School Labs and Graduate departments include various digital production resources, including wide format printing, scanning, laser jet printing, and moving-image production.

Digital AV equipment is accessible in common work areas throughout the School of Art; a wide assortment of digital presentation and production equipment is available for loan via the School of Art’s Equipment Loan Office.

All students who work digitally are expected to have their own portable hard drives to store personal work. Lab computers are wiped on a monthly cycle to maintain optimal performance for classes and individuals.

All computer facilities are available to students twenty-four hours a day; departmental access is required for some labs. The labs are supported by digital technology team members and have individual student monitors as well.

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