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We’re continuing the conversation series this spring in Laurel’s class. The next conversation is 3:00-3:30pm in Green Hall 209 (Computer Lab) on Monday, February 26, 2018. Please email laurel@linkedbyair.net if you’d like to come. The topic is “Typography Re: Technology”. Suggested readings: Tauba Auerbach, “P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-E” (2017), Donald Knuth, “The Concept of a Meta-Font” (1982), Paul Chan, “FAQ on Alternumerics” (2001)…
Announcement by: Laurel Schwulst
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Donald Knuth, “The Concept of a Meta-Font” (1982)

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Tauba Auerbach, “P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-E” (2017)

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Paul Chan, “FAQ on Alternumerics” (2001)




  • November 14, November 28, December 5
  • 1:30-2:15pm
  • EIK, 32 Edgewood Ave.

What’s the relationship between governance and design? Between audience and community? How can design emerge from a set of starting conditions? Is there underground art on the internet?

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We are planning three conversations this fall about "Interactive Design”. The three topics will be: ‘art.yale.edu’, ‘Reliability’, and ’Attention’. Anyone interested in Interactive Design from the Yale community is welcome to attend. Please see the below ⬇ schedule with topics and suggested readings.

We will be recording these talks, and the edited transcriptions will become “food” for the reader that will be used in both Dan’s and Laurel’s spring interactive classes. All students and faculty are welcome to participate.

Ayham Ghraowi, Dan Michaelson, Laurel Schwulst

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⬇ All three conversations are 1:30-2:15pm in EIK, 32 Edgewood Ave

1 ⤵
November 14
Suggested reading: Dan and Jack Balkin interview

2 ⤵
November 28
Part 1. Preservation
Suggested reading: Jill Lepore on The Internet Archive
Part 2. Primary or secondary
Suggested readings: Alexander Galloway on Jodi

3 ⤵
December 5
Part 1. Social networks
Suggested reading: Laurel interviewed Charles Broskoski of Are.na
Part 2. Ubiquity
Suggested reading: The Coming Age of Calm Technology
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Conversation 1 Jack Balkin and Dan Michaelson, facilitated by Rob Mathews, “Sometimes it Looks like a Duck, Sometimes it Looks like a Rabbit”

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Conversation 2 Jill Lepore, “The Cobweb” Link

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Conversation 2 Alexander Galloway, “Jodi’s Infrastructure” Link

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Conversation 3 Laurel Schwulst interviews Charles Broskoski on Are.na, “Charles Broskoski on self-discovery that happens upon revisiting things you’ve accumulated over time” Link

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Conversation 3 Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown, “The Coming Age of Calm Technology” Link


Conversation 1

Questions from Conversation 2, “Reliability”

Conversation 2

Questions from Conversation 3, “Attention”