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Art Art962, Never be Nervous Again

ART 962b, NEVER BE NERVOUS AGAIN Mondays 2:00-5:00 Nervous when speaking in public? Then this course is for you— a public speaking course for artists and designers. Each student will perform a number of informal and formal speaking situations, including critique, job interview, etc. Students will play themselves as well as various alter egos in order to hone both the form (body language, eye contact, voice projection, verbal litter) and content (diction, clarity, substance) of what they say. The class focuses on the spoken rather than the written word, and takes to heart Maurice Merleau Ponty’s declaration that: “It is in the actual practice of speaking that I learn to understand.” (Phenomenology of Language) Guest speakers with various public speaking experiences and styles will help us master the craft. You will emerge more prepared for many future careers: artist, designer and teacher amongst them. Meets bi-weekly for 1.5 credits. Anoka Faruqee

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