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Screen Space is a weekly studio and seminar at the intersection of art and engineering. The course will explore how the dynamic architecture of screen and projector can be understood as a site of creative work. Readings and lectures will address historical the evolution of screen and projection technology in the 20 th century. The course will begin with the light bulb. Students will experiment with the optical and material properties of light transmission while inventing an increasingly complex series of projectors using a single source of white light. Readings and lectures will begin with a close study of the work of Thomas Wilfred (1889-1968). We will examine Wilfred’s early light projection machines with curators and conservators at the Yale Art Museum, and then more fully explore the mechanics of his early projection systems. Topics covered will include light spatialization technologies, the materiality and color systems of light filtration, additive color and light projection, and multiple light sources. The second half of the course will involve in-depth and hands on investigation into moving projectors and kinetic screens. Students will apply the principle of motion to the projection systems already in development. The facilities at the CEID will be used to construct projection machines with the aim of undoing the screen and projector as the default format for light based images. Readings explore the historical role of a screen-based interface in relationship to the experience of embodied viewing. Texts will examine how developments in software and hardware have enabled a transition from the architecture of the black box to the roving handheld projector and screen-based displays.

Course Logistics and Requirements: A weekly grad seminar cross-listed in the School of Art and Engineering

50% classes will be held at the School of Art. 

50% classes will be held at the CEID

CEID Membership: All enrolled students will be required to become CEID members.

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