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GRAPHIC DESIGN, Art 752, Mobile Computing

For second-year graphic design students. This course explores the unique opportunities and qualities available to technology-based design when it is placed in the hands and ears of pedestrians, drivers, aviators, tourists, and other mobile agents. From Paul Virilio’s observation that the Walkman provided pedestrians the syncretic construction of their own outdoor realities “in kit form,” to the 25 billion iPhone applications that have now been downloaded, from “glass cockpits” and GPS systems to handheld museum guides, graphic designers now commonly shift the very interface between people and the environments they explore. But how should we? With reference to avant-gardes that have contributed to and predicted today’s state of the art, including Fluxus, outdoor communication through fashion, and science fiction, the class asks students to design their own applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices. We focus in particular on interaction design for public and private contexts, and user experiences that include users, device, and environment. Applications are Web-based so that advanced programming is not required. Students need not own a smartphone. ART 742b or similar experience is strongly recommended. Dan Michaelson
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