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Graphic Design Art750, Sound, Space, Type

Sound, space, and type (SST) are fundamental elements in our daily environment. From the moment we wake, we engage SST on physical, sensorial, and digital terms. To move through this world is to interact with SST. The experiences we encounter tend to be discrete, engaging one, sometimes two, of the three SST elements, while deprioritizing the other. As technology moves forward, new platforms and opportunities are becoming ever more accessible. Objects that were once self-contained grow increasingly connected and interoperable. Everything that can, has sprouted sensors. APIs articulate the protocol for new ways to trigger action, interaction, and outcomes between things. In this course, students use terminology to investigate the interrelationships and opportunities in SST, then plan, design, and develop an experience that coalesces the research into a single intersection or experience. We catalog the terminology, research, and experiments for others to leverage, expand, or remix on the class website. [Not offered 2018-19]

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