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Art 672, Sensation as Form

Following Hannah Arendt’s definition of politics as “the generically human experience of beginning something again, an intimate relationship with contingency and the unforeseen, being in the presence of others,” the seminar asks how we think and make in this deeply antagonistic moment. What conditions does an art-making practice require? Sensation as Form takes up these questions through multiple logics—of the aesthetic, of the psychoanalytic, of the phenomenological—to consider how trajectories of form and narrative intersect in the thinking and making and writing of sculpture. If the psychoanalytic proposes a structuring linguistic diagram for individual unconscious, how does the phenomenological counter with a more perceptual, relation model? And how does affect tune into the difficult, complex, even violent sensations arising in the world and our work? Each seminar will include conversation, writing and improvisational experiments extending from the readings. Trespassing from theory to poetry to performance and back again, we will look to the thinking of Kathy Acker, Emmanuel Levinas, Sigmund Freud, André Green, Jean-Luc Nancy, Solmaz Sharif, Avital Ronnel, Lauren Berlant and Lee Edleman, Clarice Lispector, Carol Rama and Maggie Nelson, as opening examples.

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