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Sculpture Art667, Listening


This course will investigate how listening influences and indeed should be considered more often by visual makers. As a departure point the course explores how art objects can change ‘room dynamics’ and how architecture affects acoustics, in order to better understand both the sculptural and ephemeral nature of sound. The class will then present ideas that focus on creative processing through the ears rather than the eyes. Topics include: eavesdropping, ‘silence vs. noise’, audible anticipation, Synesthesia, sonic memory, dissonance and trance. Also addressed is the notion that ‘tuning’ or ‘warming up’ in and of itself is a form and presents an opportunity for a radical listening. Additionally, there will be a rudimentary look at the intersection of music history and art history – where they collide and how they mesh. The course will consist of collective and private listening sessions, readings, discussions, screenings and one creative assignment. Meets six times for 1.5 credits Jennie C. Jones

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