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Painting and Printmaking Art 574, Defining Our Terms

This seminar will combine readings selected by the instructor, readings suggested by the members of the class, short written presentations to the whole class by students, close reading of specific works of art, synoptic study of various art historical movements and tendencies and a collective effort to find agreement on the current meaning of commonly used art terminology in order to foster focused and sustained critical discussion of issues crucial to artists coming into their own. Nothing will be taken for granted; nothing is beyond consideration. Students must examine what it takes to form and hold an aesthetic or critical “position” in the world, while also weighing the costs of being committed to and perhaps trapped in such a position. The overall goal will be to find our own words for the things we do while getting a better handle on how others speak about the work we make – and why they choose to speak in those ways. [Not being offered 2018-19]

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