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Painting and Printmaking Art 566, Mapping the Mark

Mapping the Mark is an experimental graduate printmaking course exploring the serial/temporal/ moving image potential of printmaking. In this class, we will use etching and monoprint to focus on how the “mark” becomes language. We will consider the history of mark making as an example of symbolic intelligence. First hand observation and study of historical prints at both the Yale Art Gallery and the Beinecke collections will spark conversation and the imagination. From Durer’s engraving of Adam and Eve at the Yale Art Gallery to imaginary maps at the Beinecke to contemporary animation from around the globe, this class is for those wanting to defy the traditional expectations of printmaking, looking at the singular print as well as printmaking as a means to make animations. We welcome those interested in the possibility of both success and failure rather than those interested in learning how to make editions. A portfolio of unique prints or a short animation made from your prints will be required at the completion of the semester.

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