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ART 553 LABoratory Rochelle Feinstein

This course offers a close reading of the pictorial devices, conceptual positions, pedagogies, and contexts surrounding the practice of painting in America from the mid-1950s to mid-1990s. Paintings will be viewed in relation to traditional and evolving practices, and as embedded within their ambient political/cultural/technological environment. A wide variety of contemporaneous source material will be read, screened, and discussed.

Assigned studio projects* and presentations are premised upon specific parameters suggested by the material under scrutiny.

  • Projects should be understood as the creation of NEW WORKS; not works already in-progress in studios. Group critique occurs appx every 3 weeks.

Students are required to read all assigned short texts, create presentations and new works, and screen film and video materials on a regular basis. Open to all M.F.A. students

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