Yale School of Art
1156 Chapel Street, POB 208339
New Haven, Connecticut, 06520-8339
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GRAPHIC DESIGN Art469, Advanced Graphic Design: History, Editing, and Interpretation

A probe into questions such as how artists can be present as idiosyncratic individuals in their work, and how that work can still communicate on its own to a broad audience. Concentration on making graffiti, i.e., the design of a set of outdoor marks and tours for New Haven. A technological component is included, both in the metaphor of designing outdoor interaction as a way to learn about screen-based interaction, and in the final project to design an interface for a handheld computer. Lab/materials fee: $150. Prerequisites: Art 264a or 265b, and ART 368a or b, or permission of the instructor. Julian Bittiner and Douglass Scott

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