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FILM/VIDEO/INTERDISCIPLINARY Art 449, Spectacular Grammar: Landscape as Cinema

In this seminar we explore different configurations of landscape structure and anticipate a cinematic experience of power and delusion through hysteria. We look at four centuries of domain, range, park, folly, and garden design as cinematic subtext. We consider film as the fluent medium of fecund (mostly mystical) nature, and landscape as a persistent and recurring seam between formalism and naturalism itself. Landscape as a perverse instrument of cinematic pleasure through control makes way for political and industrial spectacles to come. This seminar is designed as a cross-disciplinary hybrid. Students should be somewhat fluent in visual and narrative history, but, more importantly, be able to digress topically without anxiety. Film expertise is not required. Some understanding of the art of the past five hundred years would be helpful. Contemporary artists are a constant point of reference throughout the class. Lab/materials fee: $150. [Not offered 2018-19]

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