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ART / FILM Art390 / Film379, Visual Memoir

This course explores strategies of visual memoir and art practice. Conducted as a studio based seminar, the course will explore the use of archives in constructing real and fictive narratives across a variety of disciplines. Participants create and develop autobiographies, biographies of fiction-based projects tailored to their own work (in art, music, performance, literature, dance, etc.) around Natalie Goldberg’s concept that “our lives are at once ordinary and mythical.” Rooted in the instructor’s experience with the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion project, students will explore the construction of visual text in the creation of communal and individual memory. The course will examine the works of contemporary artists who draw from the family album whether inherited or found, to call into question identity, biography, visual literacy, truth and representation. Lab/Materials fee: $25. Thomas Allen Harris

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