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GRAPHIC DESIGN Art369b, Interactive Design and the Internet

An introduction to programming and design thinking for Web sites. This class introduces a variety of approaches to digital design and publishing, not only through coding, but also through the use of other tools and theoretical ideas. It also provides a historical and contemporary understanding of the digital landscape. Instruction in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other related software. No prior programming experience required. Lab/materials fee: $150. Prerequisite: ART 132a or b, or permission of the instructor. Laurel Schwulst

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Updated description! “In this studio course, students create work within the web browser to explore where the internet comes from, where it is today, and where it’s going—recognizing that there is no singular history, present, or future but many happening in parallel. The course in particular focuses on the internet’s impact on art—and vice versa—and how technological advance often coincides with artistic development. Students will learn foundational, front-end languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to develop unique graphic forms for the web that are considered alongside navigation, pacing, and adapting to variable screen sizes and devices. No prior programming experience is required.”
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